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Esame di napoletano per Florenzi con i "prof" Insigne e Immobile - EURO 2016


Here are the ten Neapolitan proverbs that Florenzi had to try and understand:

1. Washing a donkey's head wastes soap and water. (It's no use flogging a dead horse.)
2. Fry fish in water and get married with dry figs. (When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!)
3. Pay and die as late as possible. (Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow.)
4. Be wary of someone who has two faces, he'll kill you and he'll embrace you. (Be wary of someone who says one thing and does another.)
5. The fish stinks from the head. (Bad things start with those at the top.)
6. He only has a head to divide his ears. (He has nothing going on between the ears.)
7. With one hand in front and the other behind. (Between a rock and a hard place.)
8. The world is the world: there are those who get to the top and those who fall to the bottom. (That’s life: you sink or you swim.)
9. When you are an anvil you’re still, when you are hammer you strike. (Be passive when you need to be passive, then strike while the iron’s hot.)
10. Go on with feet of lead. (Proceed with caution.)

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